Housing Solutions for California

It’s time for common sense ideas to solve California’s housing crisis. We need your help to bring these solutions to the attention of California’s leaders and the general public.

Rent Control Is Not the Solution

While making rent more affordable seems like a logical solution on the surface, the reality is starkly different.

Study after study has shown that rent control leads to unintended consequences that actually disrupt markets, raise rents and limit housing availability.

Need proof? San Francisco and Los Angeles both have longstanding rent control laws on the books. And yet, they remain two of the least-affordable cities in America to live in and both have homelessness problems that are out of control.

Alternatives to Rent Control That Work

There are alternatives to rent control that can have a profound impact on property owners, housing supply, and affordability in California.

Promote and use grants and programs like housing vouchers designed to assist tenants with their rent.

Promote programs and grants like down payment assistance and redevelopment efforts that increase the housing supply.

Remove regulatory barriers like outdated building codes and growth restrictions that constrain the supply of new affordable housing.

Let’s Help California Together

We can bring common sense ideas to the table to help solve California’s housing shortage and affordability crisis. Help us be the voice of reason that advocates for proven solutions.